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 I have a lot of things to say, and don't know what to begin with. 

First, after months, vistlip finally came back (on february). BUT, Kagrra,, my favourite band, put an end to their activity. Kagrra, disappeared. I made true friends in my class. 

Our schoolyear is over, and I'm back at my parents' home. Since november, I've been to a lot of concerts. I've seen the fool twice, -OZ-, Mucc, Pinky Doodle Poodle, Ryo Fujimura, Girugämesh, MIYAVI, and lix. But I already want to go to other lives. That's why I really need a job... I need money xD.

In July, there will be Japan Expo in Paris, and Golden Bomber are invited for a show. And team CRAZY FRENCH MONSTER will be there !
Golden Bomber, wait for us !


Apr. 9th, 2011 11:28 pm
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 A~h. It's been a long, long while since I didn't post anything. Okay, so now my schoolyear is almost finished,  I made a lot of friends, finally got out of that fuckin' depression, and am not so bad at Japanese. To make it short, I have a great life. Except concerning one point : my son. Lately, she's changed, and she's been distant. It's been almost two months since she started not telling me anything.
And it really really hurts to not know how she feels when two or three months ago, she was telling me everything that was going wrong, like retypping entirely the messages a girl who hurt her had sent to her. 
If feel kinda... Betrayed. And it's really horrible. She tells me that she's trying to do her best to stop this, but there are still things she used to tell me and don't say anymore. Times like this make me want to cry.

I'll write another entry later, when I'm not sick anymore. - I've got an angina for the second time in about six months.

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 That's kind of weird. It was at the same time the worst & the best week I've had for a long time. Right now I don't feel very well. Yesterday I had a quarell with my son, today I'm awfully jealous... But I had a hug yesterday <3 ! And began to talk with a lot of people from my section. There are more cool people than I think. The exams weren't as horrible as I thought, and I think it'll be okay.
But I'm so tired right now...

And I don't know if I'll be able to go to all the lives I want to see T-T. I for sure go and see the fool this month, but -OZ- are coming in January & Girugämesh are coming in March. On weekdays, which causes me troubles. Will I be able to see them... ? I hope so.

And vistlip are now slowly but surely coming back. Here and there you can find time to time some news about them. <3

Time to go to bed : I'm exhausted.

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 Exactly 10 days since I last updated, I'm sorry. My studies eat most of my time, even if I have an advantage since I already learn a bit of Japanese beforte this year. Time has passed, and it's been almost two weeks since I saw D'espairsRay. Time goes so fast... I learned a lot of kanjis, played a bit of Secret of Mana (but not much), started a game with a friend from my university, took an important decision, have had (and still have) problems concerning money,... And learned that DELUHI will be on hiatus soon. The informations I gathered let me think they need to rest, and will take the time to improve their skills and get the rest they need. I hope so... I'll wait for them. They're DELUHI, after all.

I also got addicted to a young band I had already heard of the past years : Lycaon. They're good, even if I think Yuuki still needs singing lessons, as well as Lolita23q's Soshi who I finally heard live thanks to a lovely livejournal user who uploaded the videos from a recent live on youtube. The way he sang Tenjou Aquarium hurt my ears, but let's think he'll improve himself.

Yeah, I'm still talking about Visual Kei. But nothing really extraordinary happened, I have a simple life, eating at flunch with friends on wednesday evening, having lessons...

Oh, the strikes, of course. Some studients are on strike in our university. They wait for people at the entrance of the university's buildings to 'inform us' about the time and places they have their General Assembly. But there are not much people who even consider going there, and most of us, especially in our speciality - Japanese - prefer to attend the lessons - when they can, since the train strikes cause problems too. But I know that in my former university, students had voted for the uni's blocus. It was even 'administratively closed' since they were becoming violent... Now it seems that it's okay. Some former students told us that our current university was bloqued during at least one semester when they were studying there, so I'm a bit astonished that nothing happened yet. Well, it's great if they don't cause any problem ^^.

I have my first exam on monday. Japanese Civilisation. I hope I'll find the time to work my lessons since I'm going to Belgium this week-end... Yeah, I'll find it. I have no other choice.

Death Point

Oct. 5th, 2010 06:19 pm
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A new week, with its usual lessons and exercises has begun...

But before that, I spent the best week-end I ever had in my life. D'espairsRay were having a live in Le Bataclan in Paris, on Sunday. I came to Paris, arrived around 9:15 in the morning, with my son who kindly waited for me to arrive, and then we went to the hall. I was the eighth person to arrive (my son didn't come to the live itself, even though I still think she really missed something) . That meant "first row", which I was hoping for.

Then, I stayed during two days in front of the hall, and met a lot of people I didn't know before. We went crazy in a short amount of time. We went through the great demonstration, which made us earn almost 17€ - yes, we're devils. - and prepared us for the live (which was more than 24 hours later, but does it really matter since we were having fun ?).

We also went to Starbucks on sunday morning and bought Caramel Macchiato, a thought for vistlip who still doesn't show any sign...

Thanks to everybody for those two crazy days, thanks to the staff (especially the hall staff who helped me not to collapse XD), and over all, thanks to the band, who made one of the best lives I've ever been to. I hope Hizumi and his throat are okay... They all looked so powerful it was impressive. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Oh, and about the title, it is because they almost leaded us to death; but also because Death Point was the best best best part of the live :D. But it was a great great live. I'm almost crying right now, remembering how they played Love is Dead, Garnet, Death Point... But over all, Hollow. The whole room was singing (shouting ?) with the band. Death voices, singings during the most known songs. Zero's smile, Karyu's weird gorgeousness, Tsukasa's energy, and Hizumi being himself, gorgeous, dynamic, shirtless, inviting everybody to sing and shout with him. Thank you D'espairsRay.

I hope to see them again soon...

Rip it up, Break it down, Dance

Once again, thank you, D'espairsRay. Now I hope Hizumi will find the right treatment for his throat. Get well, and please rest.


Sep. 29th, 2010 09:20 pm
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 Still waiting for vistlip to come back...
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 Havn't posted for a week, now... Sorry. A lot of things happened during that time. I began to make friends at university, have been to -el- Ethnic Legist's live in Roubaix (and that was absolutely great), and then fell sick. I still am, and that sucks. My wish ? To sleep ! But it's impossible. I have to attend each and every of my lessons if I want to pass my exams. This week-end ? Impossible. I'm going to Paris on saturday morning, and I come back on monday morning. Just to see my friends, and D'espairsRay before they go on hiatus. 

Sorry, I have lots of things to say but I feel so sleepy... I'll write another article later.


Sep. 21st, 2010 04:39 pm
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Today was tiring. I first woke up à 3:30am because of a mosquito who find it funny to eat me... I have bites all over my body. Woke up again at 8:30, taking time. Watched the wrong day on timetable, thought I was late, found out I still had 30 minutes before my lessons. Came back to Japanese bases, which I already learnt two years ago. Came back home, ate almost nothing, changed, got back to university right on time. And once again, had to learn again things most of us already know. Got so tired I canceled the shopping we had planned.

BUT ! When I came back home for the first time today, it appears that...



It finally arrived <3 ! Thanks, Ha-chan !

And I also heard that Isshi's recovering his voice. Isshi-san, please rest !


Sep. 20th, 2010 07:25 pm
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 6 days left before vistlip's comeback. And on that day, I've had my first classes. It began with civilisation classes : we studied Japanese art, starting on prehistory. It's wonderful *-* !

Then, I had 90minutes to take a break... And find the next room. Well. It took me 70 minutes to find it. I first though "this university's Hogwarts ! It has phantom rooms !", but now, it's more like "RIGHT. Was the designer miyavi ?"

And I spent time with people from my class. THAT'S A RARE THING. And I'm kinda proud è_é !

No photo for today, spent too much time looking for that damned room.
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 I had my first day at university, today... Oh god it was terrible. Seriously. It's great not to be the only visual kei lover there, and I have NOTHING against Gothic-Lolitas but those ones are too much. They're the kind who only live through Mana & Közi, finding that "before was better". Then, there are those classical otakus. Like the one who sang shitty songs RIGHT at the moments the professor said important things.

I already hate some of them :D.

BUT ! The University itself seems great. MOREOVER ! 

In the dispenser, there are...

Tagada strawberries !
Tagada Strawberries <3 !

And THAT would make my day everytime I'll get on my nerves.

Baibai ~ !


Sep. 11th, 2010 08:36 pm
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A first entry, to introduce myself, and this journal.

I'm Shade, french girl, 2x years old. In a few days, I'm starting my first year of Japanese language & culture studies.  My aim is being trilingual (French/English/Japanese). I still can't speak much Japanese, but I have bases.

Then ! The purpose of this journal.


Still not decided. I don't know if I'll "blog" on it, publish stories (to improve my writing in english), translate anything... I guess I just like creating things in order to express myself XD. Let's find a purpose for this !


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