Feb. 24th, 2013 04:44 pm
silent_living: Keith's singer, Shin. (Keith -Shin-)
 Forgot about this journal again...

The news are !

I didn't pass my second year. Got addicted to Doctor Who again and started playing in a Doctor Who Role Playing Game. Still trying to pass my second year, though. 

My circles of friends started to connect, and that's pretty incredible.

The concert-organizing association I've been part of for a year and a half grew up a lot. We've been able to make some japanese artists come to France - we've done four events in a year, so far, and the two last ones were great.

Still living in the same appartment - I really feel I'm at home, here. 

Got a new computer, a gaming one, so I can play Diablo III at home instead of having to go to my friends' to do so.

Tomonster got his nuts cut, and started growing fat. I'd like to take a second monster, but there are too much parameters against it.

Done a lot of concerts during the last months. Thus, my addiction grew again, and having done only one concert since the beginning of december turns me crazy - and I think I won't do much concerts for a few months. My friends and I were supposed to do the Micro Head 4n's's concert in Paris next week, but it has been cancelled. Too bad.

Also, Kagrra,'s singer, Isshi, has died in summer 2011, and I'm still not completely used to it.

To finish this post, I'd say I'm not sure I'll post here again. Because even when I try hard, I'm not much of a blogger. I don't even have readers in here, so that doesn't matter. 


Sep. 21st, 2010 04:39 pm
silent_living: Keith's singer, Shin. (Keith -Shin-)
Today was tiring. I first woke up à 3:30am because of a mosquito who find it funny to eat me... I have bites all over my body. Woke up again at 8:30, taking time. Watched the wrong day on timetable, thought I was late, found out I still had 30 minutes before my lessons. Came back to Japanese bases, which I already learnt two years ago. Came back home, ate almost nothing, changed, got back to university right on time. And once again, had to learn again things most of us already know. Got so tired I canceled the shopping we had planned.

BUT ! When I came back home for the first time today, it appears that...



It finally arrived <3 ! Thanks, Ha-chan !

And I also heard that Isshi's recovering his voice. Isshi-san, please rest !


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