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 Exactly 10 days since I last updated, I'm sorry. My studies eat most of my time, even if I have an advantage since I already learn a bit of Japanese beforte this year. Time has passed, and it's been almost two weeks since I saw D'espairsRay. Time goes so fast... I learned a lot of kanjis, played a bit of Secret of Mana (but not much), started a game with a friend from my university, took an important decision, have had (and still have) problems concerning money,... And learned that DELUHI will be on hiatus soon. The informations I gathered let me think they need to rest, and will take the time to improve their skills and get the rest they need. I hope so... I'll wait for them. They're DELUHI, after all.

I also got addicted to a young band I had already heard of the past years : Lycaon. They're good, even if I think Yuuki still needs singing lessons, as well as Lolita23q's Soshi who I finally heard live thanks to a lovely livejournal user who uploaded the videos from a recent live on youtube. The way he sang Tenjou Aquarium hurt my ears, but let's think he'll improve himself.

Yeah, I'm still talking about Visual Kei. But nothing really extraordinary happened, I have a simple life, eating at flunch with friends on wednesday evening, having lessons...

Oh, the strikes, of course. Some studients are on strike in our university. They wait for people at the entrance of the university's buildings to 'inform us' about the time and places they have their General Assembly. But there are not much people who even consider going there, and most of us, especially in our speciality - Japanese - prefer to attend the lessons - when they can, since the train strikes cause problems too. But I know that in my former university, students had voted for the uni's blocus. It was even 'administratively closed' since they were becoming violent... Now it seems that it's okay. Some former students told us that our current university was bloqued during at least one semester when they were studying there, so I'm a bit astonished that nothing happened yet. Well, it's great if they don't cause any problem ^^.

I have my first exam on monday. Japanese Civilisation. I hope I'll find the time to work my lessons since I'm going to Belgium this week-end... Yeah, I'll find it. I have no other choice.


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