Mar. 9th, 2012

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 Wow, It's been a while since I last wrote in this journal... Almost a year ago. 

To be honest, I had forgotten about this journal. Found it again on that old and depressing livejournal that I used to hold a long time ago.

So. What do I have to say ?

My social life have improved... Well, my whole life improved a lot. 

First, my cousin, Sarah, went living in a town near of mine, so we can see eachother once a week instead of twice a year, and that's a great improvement.

Secondly, I made even more friends - and lost some. 

I have a new phone. A smartphone that I like a lot ♪. 

I passed my first year, began the second one, obtained my Informatic & Internet Certificate, started FLE studies. FLE is "Français Langue Etrangères". To make it short, we learn how to teach our mother tongue - French - to foreign people.

My brother is changing is own life, too, in a great way.

I spend more and more time in Paris. But that's awefully expensive, even more than before !

My little monster has grown. Now he's a huge monster. A cute huge monster who destroys my arms everyday.

I can't stop drinking tea, and tea, and tea, and tea, and -

Well. I have nothing to complain about, except the new teachers and my schoolmarks XD
But the whole section already complains about them, don't worry, I have people to understand me and complain with, I'm not going to talk about them anymore XD.


silent_living: Keith's singer, Shin. (Default)

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